Husky 100

December 31, 2018

Criteria Clarified: Connecting the Dots

Contributed by Jade Chan (Graduate Student, Husky 100 Intern, UW Seattle)

Connecting the Dots

Connecting the dots speaks to the ability to see the big picture; to understand how the knowledge and skills you acquire in the classroom can be applied in “real life” (in the community, at work, etc.) to make a real difference. And vice versa: your out-of-class life experiences might strongly influence your academics, including how you contribute to your class, how you approach assignments, or what you choose to study. We love to see examples of how you are thinking holistically about your education and how it fits into the issues, people, places, and conversations that comprise your world.

To me, connecting the dots means being able to connect what we learn at UW to our human lived experiences. My role as a student at the UW doesn’t just stop on campus; I continue to learn and apply what I learn throughout all aspects of my life, beyond the classroom. My discovery mindset leads me to explore questions that pop up in my classes, and I search for answers/insights in the outside world and vice versa. My experiences, failures, obstacles, achievements, and observations inform my experience and what I can bring to the classroom. My capacity for leadership and commitment for inclusive community are reflected in my advocacy for my community and in my work to find ways to support and empower my community. My resiliency, developed from overcoming obstacles as a first-generation low-income student of color, makes me ready for what is next.

I will learn, fail, win, and face obstacles that will challenge me, but all of these experiences will mold me and I will hold strong to my conviction to be an empowerment agent and community advocate. These criteria all connect with each other – they are not mutually exclusive – and all inform each other.

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