Husky 100

August 19, 2020

Where are they Now: Brendon Krall

Being a Husky 100 has been a source of pride and somewhat of a “badge” that represents my values and approach to life. I applied to the Husky 100 partly to validate all of the hard work that I had done at my time at the IJ, but more so to demonstrate the values and mindsets that I stand for as an individual. My experience at UW forced me to think critically about data, creatively about solutions, and collaboratively when approaching systemic problems. These skills have prepared me to make informed, out-of-the-box, participatory solutions in my role as an educator. I am currently an educator serving in a title one school in Houston, Texas. I am a leader to 70 students every day I step into my classroom. On my campus, I am a leader for parent engagement – hosting parent conference nights, as well as civic and cultural events bi-monthly. Across Houston, I am flexing my capacity for leadership by getting involved in Leadership for Educational Equity: an organization that prepares educators to organize and advocate for policy solutions that address inequitable practices adversely impacting communities of color. My discovery mindset has allowed me to grow in a new position and exposed me to new career opportunities I had not considered before. I am aspiring to be a champion for immigrant and refugee student and family rights in the greater Houston community. I have created an educator resource guide to better support immigrant student[s] and families, and I have begun to organize my school community to ensure policies and practices are not adversely impacting one of our most marginalized groups.